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Fabric Selection
Please choose a fabric from our collection here on our site or if you have something specific in mind, Karse Designs is more than happy & willing to find a fabric that makes your custom upholstered headboard stand superior to anything else.

Wine Crushed VelvetChocolate Crushed VelvetBlack Crushed VelvetBerry Crushed Velvet
Moss Crushed VelvetFuchsia Crushed VelvetRoyal Blue Crushed VelvetMaroon Crushed Velvet
Rich Gold Crushed VelvetPrincess Blue Crushed VelvetOlive Crushed VelvetOrange Crushed Velvet
Silver Crushed VelvetSpruce Crushed VelvetIvory Crushed VelvetWhite Crushed Velvet
Burgundy Crushed VelvetHunter Green Crushed VelvetJade Crushed VelvetPurple Crushed Velvet
Turquoise Crushed VelvetAspen-Navy ChenilleAspen-Grass ChenilleAspen-Hawaii Chenille
Caledonia ChenilleColorado ChenilleEmotion-Dove ChenilleIllumina Merlot Chenille
Linen Slub-TurquoisePetunia Upholstery FabricThyme ChenilleTidal Currents Sable 100% Polyester
Tulip Home Decor SolidRaspberry Velvet Indies - Amber Soft Boucle ChenilleInterpol - Beach Ultra Chenille
Airbrush - SanteFe VelvetAlpha - Retta PortableAnon - Camel Soft Washed ChenilleAssassin Bronze Soft-Finish Faux Suede
Depiction EbonyDorell - Antelope Faux SuedeDorell - Pewter Faux SuedeDurham - Mineral-Taupe
Grey Blue Durable & Thick VelvetNova - Moss Chenille JacquardPlexus - Ivory Soft FinishPyramids - Natural Embroidered Chenille
Ramble - Sage ChenilleSensation - Antelope Textured VelvetSensation MicrofiberSensuede - Oatmeal Ultra Luxurious Microfiber Faux Suede
Sheerling - Tan Plush SuedeSoftique - Sage Very Fine ChenilleUniversal Suede - Stone Soft Microfiber Engineered SuedeWizzard Walnut Boucle Chenille